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Pete the Cat Storybook Event & OWLS Workshop




We are excited to share a second Pete the Cat themed storybook event and OWLS Workshop.  


In this storybook event the children participated in an interactive read aloud, retelling, and discussion of Pete the Cat- I Love My White Shoes. Then each family engaged in a hands-on, minds-on exploration where they discovered that vibration creates sound and designed their own guitar using recycled materials.   


Please download a PDF of our Storybook Event and OWLS Workshop plan by clicking the image on the top right. We also worked with a local speech therapists to develop a questioning guide for the story.  That questioning guide is available by clicking the image below the event plan. (Thanks Natalie and KidsSpot for your partnership on this event!) 

These activities were planned using the ideas found in our six part video series, Little Learners, BIG Ideas.  


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