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Little Innovator Spotlight


Meet Elijah


Elijah is an innovator.  He is in third grade and has always enjoyed science.  He worked with his family to create this super cool video exploring what happens when you mix colors using milk, Dawn, and food coloring.  


1.  Read a book about color. (Elijah's family read Mouse Paint but there are loads of great books about color. Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes is another favorite.) 

2.  Pour milk in a pan.

3.  Add food coloring. (Any design will do.) 

4.  Put Dawn on a q-tip. 

5.  Dip the q-tip in the milk. 

6.  Observe (What did you notice?!) 

7.  Question (What do you wonder now?!) 


Elijah wondered what would happen if he used cream rather than milk.  What do you wonder?! 


The DAWNing of Oiled Bird Washing

Dawn 1970's Commercial

Steve Spangler Color Changing Milk

Do you know a Little Innovator?

Do you have a special little learner in your life?

Someone who likes to wonder and create? 

Please feel free to share your story with us.  

We may feature your little innovator on our website!  

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