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Not A Box, Not A Stick: Mini-Makerspace


Storybook Event & Owls (Observe, Wonder, Learn, Share) Workshop

In this storybook event hosted at the Warren County Public Library, Little Learners learned about using innovative thinking to solve problems.  After listening to Not A Box by Antoinette Portis the children brainstormed problems and solutions that were created by the rabbit in the story.  They also learned about real innovators like Garrett Morgan, Ada Lovelace, and Henry Ford.  Next, each child was challenged to create their own invention or innovation to solve a problem of his or her choice.  


Notice and Wonder as you solve problems in this NOT A Box mini-makerspace!  You can download our activity plan and planning sheet by clicking the images to the right. 


These activities were designed using the ideas found in our six part video series, Little Learners, BIG Ideas.  


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